Class 45

The personal and social services that are included in Class 45 are quite specific. Some examples are marriage agencies, horoscope casting and funerals.

Legal services are often rendered by attorneys but this is not a requirement for the classification of a legal service in Class 45. Activities that impact on the lawful functioning of society are classified in Class 45 even if provided by non-attorneys. While activities such as adoption agency services, arbitration and mediation services and registration of domain names protect the legal rights of individuals or corporations, they are not necessarily rendered by attorneys. However, they are classified in Class 45 because of the legal content of the activity.

Security services are an outgrowth of the two prior areas of activity in Class 45. Such services may be provided to individuals or corporations, and for legal protection or bodily protection. Generally, services relating to guarding or safety are in Class 45.

The Class Heading "personal and social services rendered by others to meet the needs of individuals" is not intended to serve as a catch-all phrase that justifies services to be classified in Class 45 so long as they are related to needs of individuals. Many services that are provided to individuals are in other classes and should not be placed in Class 45 simply because they are "personal" or because the activity is performed to benefit an individual. Thus, banking services may meet the needs of individuals, nevertheless, they are financial in nature and are thus always classified in Class 36.

* * *