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Redesigned IPC-IEF V 1.17
Last modified: 2015.01.14

Project M743 (COMPLETED)

Subject Speech analysis or synthesis; Speech recognition; Audio analysis or processing
Revision files DOC PDF Rapporteur EP Status COMPLETED
IPC G10L co-Rapporteur WG Last Update 26-Jun-13
Type MAINTENANCE Translator EP Create date 29-Oct-12
Technology E

+ Rapporteur Summary

ANX PDF Content Origin Date
11 11 Working Group decision IB 11-Jun-13
10 10 Comments GB 22-May-13
9 9 Rapporteur proposal EP 13-May-13
8 8 Preparatory Technical Annexes IB 07-May-13
7 7 Comments US 11-Apr-13
6 6 Rapporteur proposal EP 01-Mar-13
5 5 Rapporteur report EP 01-Mar-13
4 4 Comments CA 06-Dec-12
3 3 Working Group decision IB 30-Nov-12
2 2 Rapporteur proposal EP 02-Nov-12
1 1 Rapporteur report EP 02-Nov-12
Actions Offices Deadline

Remarks - Messages
Office: EP Date: 13-May-13
Anx9 is a submission following WG29 discussion.
Office: CA Date: 24-Apr-13
CA supports Annex 6 and also supports amending the Definitions of G10L along the lines of Annex 7.
Office: JP Date: 14-Dec-12
JP also supports CA comment (Annex 4).
Office: JP Date: 05-Dec-12
JP supports Annex 2 and Annex 3 - with a slight modification to the original reference title from G10L 25/00 to H03G 3/34, in Annex 2.
Office: IB Date: 03-Dec-12
Please note that Annex 3 has been updated in order to seek for electronic approval by the WG/28. Thanks for your cooperation.