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Redesigned IPC-IEF V 1.17
Last modified: 2015.01.14

Project CE453 (COMPLETED)

Subject Five Year Plan for the Revision of the IPC
Revision files DOC PDF Rapporteur IB Status COMPLETED
IPC A co-Rapporteur IB Last Update 22-Apr-13
Type COMMITTEE OF EXPERTS Translator IB Create date 06-Nov-12
Technology T

+ Rapporteur Summary

ANX PDF Content Origin Date
19 19 Committee of Experts decision IB 22-Apr-13
18 18 Proposal IB 01-Mar-13
17 17 Comments IB 27-Feb-13
16 16 Comments JP 22-Feb-13
15 15 Comments US 22-Feb-13
14 14 Proposal EP 12-Feb-13
13 13 Proposal IB 08-Feb-13
12 12 Rapporteur report IB 08-Feb-13
11 11 Comments BR 29-Jan-13
10 10 Comments RO 22-Jan-13
9 9 Comments AU 22-Jan-13
8 8 Comments SE 21-Jan-13
7 7 Comments US 20-Dec-12
6 6 Comments RU 20-Dec-12
5 5 Comments FR 20-Dec-12
4 4 Comments IL 18-Dec-12
3 3 Comments DE 10-Dec-12
2 2 Proposal IB 07-Nov-12
1 1 Proposal IB 07-Nov-12
Actions Offices Deadline

Remarks - Messages
Office: IB Date: 27-Feb-13
Annex 17 is a compilation of e-mails between French speaking offices on their continuous commitment to work in the preparation of the French version of the IPC
Office: JP Date: 22-Feb-13
Annex 16 is JP’s comments on Annex 14.
Office: US Date: 22-Feb-13
On behalf of the fiveIPoffices (EPO, JPO, KIPO, SIPO, USPTO), the USPTO has posted a joint IP5 comment on IB's Five-Year plan for the revision of the IPC proposal. We apologize for the delay.
Office: EP Date: 12-Feb-13
In Anx14, on behalf of EPO & USPTO, we submit a proposal for the IPC Definitions plan. -RI
Office: IB Date: 16-Jan-13
Please note that the deadline for comments, as well as for Rapporteur report has been extended upon requests from certain Offices. It would be much appreciated if comments from any office on Annexes 1 and 2 could be sent before that updated deadline.
Office: US Date: 20-Dec-12
On behalf of the CPC, the EPO and USPTO's joint comment on IB's proposal is being prepared. We will post our comments as soon as possible. We apologize for the delay.
Office: AU Date: 18-Dec-12
AU is monitoring matters closely, and will post comments on the plan soon. Cheers
Office: JP Date: 17-Dec-12
JP is now preparing its comments and will post in due course. Sorry for the delay.
Office: IB Date: 07-Nov-12
Annex 1 is the initial proposal submitted by the IB and Annex 2 is an excel file described in Annex 1.