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Last modified: 2015.01.14

Projet A056 (ACHEVÉ)

Sujet Jeux vidéo (T069)
Fichiers de révision DOC PDF Rapporteur EP État ACHEVÉ
CIB A63F 13/00 corapporteur SC Dernière mise à jour 20-Feb-14
Type RÉVISION NIVEAU ÉLEVÉ Traducteur EP Définir la date 20-Oct-11
Technologie E

+ Sommaire Rapporteur

ANX PDF Contenu Origine Date
46 46 Observations - définitions version française FR 20-Feb-14
45 45 Version française - définitions EP 09-Dec-13
44 44 EP 09-Dec-13
43 43 Décision du groupe de travail IB 15-Nov-13
42 42 Proposition - schéma EP 05-Nov-13
41 41 Observations JP 04-Oct-13
40 40 Proposition globale - définitions EP 26-Sep-13
39 39 Décision du groupe de travail IB 11-Jun-13
38 38 Observations - définitions GB 30-Apr-13
37 37 EP 03-Apr-13
36 36 Rapport du rapporteur EP 03-Apr-13
35 35 Observations GB 11-Feb-13
34 34 Décision du groupe de travail IB 16-Nov-12
33 33 Annexes techniques préparatoires IB 22-Oct-12
32 32 Observations - définitions JP 05-Oct-12
31 31 FR 01-Oct-12
30 30 Version française - définitions EP 25-Sep-12
29 29 Version française EP 25-Sep-12
28 28 Liste des renvois IB 30-Aug-12
27 27 Proposition - RCL EP 30-Aug-12
26 26 Observations - définitions BR 29-Aug-12
25 25 Proposition - définitions EP 17-Aug-12
24 24 Décision du groupe de travail IB 21-Jun-12
23 23 Observations US 02-Jun-12
22 22 Observations JP 31-May-12
21 21 Observations BR 30-May-12
20 20 Annexes techniques préparatoires IB 30-May-12
19 19 Observations IB 25-May-12
18 18 Proposition - définitions EP 25-May-12
17 17 Observations JP 25-May-12
16 16 Résumé du Rapporteur EP 22-May-12
15 15 Proposition du rapporteur EP 27-Apr-12
14 14 Rapport du rapporteur EP 27-Apr-12
13 13 Observations BR 20-Apr-12
12 12 Observations US 01-Mar-12
11 11 Observations - définitions JP 01-Mar-12
10 10 Proposition - schéma EP 14-Feb-12
9 9 Rapport du rapporteur EP 14-Feb-12
8 8 Observations JP 30-Jan-12
7 7 Observations US 25-Jan-12
6 6 Observations - définitions BR 09-Jan-12
5 5 Observations EP 22-Dec-11
4 4 Décision du groupe de travail IB 13-Dec-11
3 3 Observations JP 31-Oct-11
2 2 Observations SE 31-Oct-11
1 1 Demande de révision avec proposition EP 20-Oct-11
Actions Bureaux Délai

Remarques - Messages
Office: EP Date: 09-Dec-13
Anx 44 & 45 represent the latest proposals for DEF. -RI
Office: FR Date: 15-Nov-13
FR approuve l'annexe 42.
Office: CH Date: 15-Nov-13
CH approuve les amendements de l'annexe 42
Office: EP Date: 04-Oct-13
EPO feels that GB suggestion (also for the title of 13/54) could be easily approved by the WG30.
Office: GB Date: 02-Oct-13
UK thanks R and approves A40. We think any remaining minor points will be picked up by the Ed. Board. (But, at 13/54 Title, we again suggest either 'RPM-dependent' or 'speed-dependent' engine sound. We simply don't say 'revolution-dependent'!)
Office: EP Date: 26-Sep-13
In Anx40 a consolidate definition proposal which takes into account BR/GB comments and introduces further improvements.
Office: BR Date: 30-Apr-13
BR support comments and considerations made by GB in annex 38.
Office: US Date: 12-Apr-13
US fully supports the Consolidated Definitions Proposal of Annex 37 and the Rapporteur report of Annex 36.
Office: BR Date: 08-Feb-13
As said in the WG decision in Annex 34, we made our comments in Annex 26, i.e., we maintain our suggestions presented in Annex 06.
Office: EP Date: 07-Feb-13
Despite WG decision of anx34, no further comments were received. Please submit comments ASAP so as to help R to make the best choice on how to progress with the impasse of "desirability of drawings". -RI
Office: EP Date: 30-Aug-12
Due to high workload, the French versions of the Scheme (Anx24) and Definitions (Anx26) will be ready about September 20. Apologies for the delay. -RI
Office: EP Date: 17-Aug-12
The conceptual drawing for assisting the user, which was offered in a previous annex, will be added later. Before undertaking translation to French of the Definitions, we would welcome some comments. -RI
Office: IB Date: 25-May-12
Annex 19 is IB's comments containing a proposed renumbered scheme of Annex 16.
Office: EP Date: 25-May-12
Definitions of Anx18 are based on the scheme numbering of Anx15. -RI
Office: CA Date: 11-May-12
CA approves Annex 15.
Office: EP Date: 24-Apr-12
Thanks BR for spotting the duplication of two subgroups. The duplication will be removed in the upcoming RR and RP. -RI
Office: EP Date: 02-Mar-12
R seeks for more comments, besides US and JP ones, on the submitted scheme of annex 10. -RI
Office: EP Date: 07-Mar-12
R awaits specific comments (if any) on the Scheme of Annex 10, besides those submitted by US and JP. -RI
Office: JP Date: 13-Jan-12
JP will post comments on modified proposal in Annex 5 by January 31, 2012. As for definitions in Annex 1, JP will post comments on them by February 29, 2012.
Office: IB Date: 02-Nov-11
The category of this project is now electricity/Physics. - Ning
Office: EP Date: 01-Nov-11
For the WG26 meeting, this project fits better under Electricity/Physics despite the A63F subclass. -Roberto Iasevoli