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Last modified: 2015.01.14

Projet A058 (ACHEVÉ)

Sujet Travail avec le laser (T039)
Fichiers de révision DOC PDF Rapporteur EP État ACHEVÉ
CIB B23K 26/00 corapporteur SC Dernière mise à jour 26-Jun-13
Type RÉVISION NIVEAU ÉLEVÉ Traducteur Définir la date 02-Nov-11
Technologie M

+ Sommaire Rapporteur

ANX PDF Contenu Origine Date
31 31 Décision du groupe de travail IB 11-Jun-13
30 30 EP 05-Apr-13
29 29 FR 01-Mar-13
28 28 Observations - définitions CA 31-Jan-13
27 27 EP 09-Jan-13
26 26 Décision du groupe de travail IB 30-Nov-12
25 25 IB 15-Nov-12
24 24 Proposition - RCL EP 12-Nov-12
23 23 Annexes techniques préparatoires IB 23-Oct-12
22 22 Résumé du Rapporteur EP 16-Oct-12
21 21 EP 16-Oct-12
20 20 Proposition - RCL EP 09-Oct-12
19 19 Observations CA 04-Oct-12
18 18 EP 28-Sep-12
17 17 EP 28-Sep-12
16 16 FR 21-Aug-12
15 15 IB 17-Aug-12
14 14 Observations - version française CA 16-Aug-12
13 13 Version française EP 14-Aug-12
12 12 Observations CA 18-Jul-12
11 11 Proposition - définitions EP 16-Jul-12
10 10 Proposition - RCL EP 16-Jul-12
9 9 Décision du groupe de travail IB 21-Jun-12
8 8 Annexes techniques préparatoires IB 30-May-12
7 7 Observations CA 16-May-12
6 6 Résumé du Rapporteur EP 15-May-12
5 5 Rapport du rapporteur EP 15-May-12
4 4 Observations DE 30-Mar-12
3 3 Décision du groupe de travail IB 13-Dec-11
2 2 Observations CA 10-Nov-11
1 1 Demande de révision avec proposition EP 27-Oct-11
Actions Bureaux Délai

Remarques - Messages
Office: EP Date: 05-Apr-13
R thanks FR & CA for their comments on the FV-definitions. All comments were incorporated, for B23K 26/18 one of the suggestions of CA was adopted (MA).
Office: EP Date: 09-Jan-13
Comment on the French version of the definitions (Annex 27) by the French speaking offices is appreciated (MA).
Office: IB Date: 15-Nov-12
Annex 25 is the updated CRL according to the updated RCL in Annex 24 - NX
Office: EP Date: 12-Nov-12
As requested and agreed by the WG28, the updated RCL has been posted. It is identical to Annex 20 with added in last line the B23K 28/02 RCL. (MA)
Office: CA Date: 21-Oct-12
CA approuve l'Annexe 21.
Office: EP Date: 16-Oct-12
R thanks CA for the comments in Annex 19 concerning the translation of B23 K26/359. R thinks the second suggestion is the appropriate translation, which is adopted in the updated consolidated French version (Annex 21) replacing thereby Annex 18. (MA)
Office: CA Date: 10-Oct-12
CA approves Annex 20.
Office: EP Date: 09-Oct-12
R submits an updated RCL as annex 20 taking into account the valuable comments of CA (annex 12) and IB (remarks 17-8-2012). B23K26/02, 26/04,26/06 and additionally 26/08 were added. 28/02 appears to be not needed, since no change is implemented (MA)
Office: CA Date: 04-Oct-12
CA approves Annex 17.
Office: EP Date: 28-Sep-12
R thanks FR & CA for their comments on the French version. After consultation with the EP experts, all suggestions were followed excluding B23 K26/359. Matériau and enlèvement de matière were kept. (MA)
Office: EP Date: 28-Sep-12
R thanks CA for the valuable comments that were incorporated in the consolidated definitions proposal. Additionally the reference to B41M 5/24 in the B23K 26/00 was deleted. The reference to Lasers per se was extended (H01S 3/00 & 5/00). (MA)
Office: IB Date: 17-Aug-12
Apologies for the late submission of CRL. During the checking of cross references, IB noted that B23K26/02,26/04,26/06,28/02(approved as C-type mod. by WG/27) are not listed in the RCL proposal of Annex10.
Office: EP Date: 14-Aug-12
Apologies for the late submission of the FV. (MA)