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Redesigned IPC-IEF V 1.17
Last modified: 2015.01.14

Projet A059 (ACHEVÉ)

Fichiers de révision DOC PDF Rapporteur EP État ACHEVÉ
CIB H02P corapporteur GB Dernière mise à jour 07-Jan-15
Type RÉVISION NIVEAU ÉLEVÉ Traducteur EP Définir la date 02-Apr-12
Technologie E

+ Sommaire Rapporteur

ANX PDF Contenu Origine Date
67 67 Observations GB 13-Nov-14
66 66 Décision du groupe de travail IB 07-Nov-14
65 65 Observations GB 23-Oct-14
64 64 Annexes techniques préparatoires IB 23-Oct-14
63 63 Observations GB 23-Oct-14
62 62 EP 22-Oct-14
61 61 EP 22-Oct-14
60 60 EP 22-Oct-14
59 59 Résumé du Rapporteur EP 20-Oct-14
58 58 Rapport du rapporteur EP 08-Sep-14
57 57 Rapport du rapporteur EP 08-Aug-14
56 56 Observations GB 30-Jul-14
55 55 Décision du groupe de travail IB 28-May-14
54 54 EP 08-May-14
53 53 Observations GB 01-May-14
52 52 Rapport du rapporteur EP 24-Apr-14
51 51 FR 14-Apr-14
50 50 EP 08-Apr-14
49 49 Version française - définitions EP 19-Mar-14
48 48 Décision du groupe de travail IB 15-Nov-13
47 47 Observations DE 30-Oct-13
46 46 Annexes techniques préparatoires IB 30-Oct-13
45 45 Rapport du rapporteur EP 30-Oct-13
44 44 Observations BR 21-Oct-13
43 43 Observations GB 16-Oct-13
42 42 Liste des renvois IB 10-Oct-13
41 41 Observations GB 09-Oct-13
40 40 Proposition - RCL EP 08-Oct-13
39 39 Proposition - définitions EP 08-Oct-13
38 38 Proposition globale EP 08-Oct-13
37 37 FR 08-Oct-13
36 36 Observations JP 13-Sep-13
35 35 Observations BR 29-Aug-13
34 34 EP 29-Aug-13
33 33 Proposition - définitions EP 28-Aug-13
32 32 Proposition - RCL EP 25-Jul-13
31 31 EP 25-Jul-13
30 30 Rapport du rapporteur EP 25-Jul-13
29 29 Observations JP 26-Jun-13
28 28 Décision du groupe de travail IB 11-Jun-13
27 27 Observations GB 21-May-13
26 26 Observations BR 10-May-13
25 25 Proposition - schéma EP 08-May-13
24 24 Proposition - RCL EP 07-May-13
23 23 Annexes techniques préparatoires IB 07-May-13
22 22 Observations DE 07-May-13
21 21 Observations IB 06-May-13
20 20 Proposition - RCL EP 23-Apr-13
19 19 Proposition - schéma EP 23-Apr-13
18 18 Rapport du rapporteur EP 19-Apr-13
17 17 Proposition - schéma EP 19-Apr-13
16 16 Observations DE 05-Feb-13
15 15 Décision du groupe de travail IB 16-Nov-12
14 14 Annexes techniques préparatoires IB 22-Oct-12
13 13 Proposition - RCL EP 11-Oct-12
12 12 Rapport du rapporteur EP 11-Oct-12
11 11 Observations CA 10-Oct-12
10 10 Liste des renvois IB 02-Oct-12
9 9 Proposition - schéma EP 10-Aug-12
8 8 Décision du groupe de travail IB 21-Jun-12
7 7 Rapport du rapporteur EP 04-Jun-12
6 6 Annexes techniques préparatoires IB 30-May-12
5 5 Observations DE 25-May-12
4 4 Observations CA 15-May-12
3 3 Observations DE 02-May-12
2 2 Observations BR 27-Apr-12
1 1 Demande de révision avec proposition EP 02-Apr-12
Actions Bureaux Délai

Remarques - Messages
Office: KR Date: 18-Nov-14
KR agrees with GB's comments posted in Annex 67.
Office: GB Date: 23-Oct-14
We apologise for our late comments. A63 reflects our continuing concern about H02P 29/40. A65 is a minor correction to a Glossary item in the Definition. We are sorry we did not see this earlier. WR
Office: EP Date: 22-Oct-14
The definitions (EF) & VF) have been updated to take into account that group H02P 29/30 is (expected to be) removed from the scheme. [CK]
Office: US Date: 20-Oct-14
US supports EP comments and scheme proposal presented in Rapporteur Summary of A.59. Thanks. (YN)
Office: EP Date: 20-Oct-14
Annex 59 is the updated Rapporteur Summary, including comments on GB's suggestion to remove H02P 29/40 from the scheme proposal;[CK]
Office: GB Date: 01-Oct-14
UK thanks EP for the changes of A58. We would add that we think that 29/40 should also be deleted, for the same reason as 29/30, 29/32 & 29/34. (i.e. delete all four places: 29/30, 29/32, 29/34 & 29/40) WR.
Office: EP Date: 08-Sep-14
annex 58 is the updated rapporteur report including GB's remark of 28-08-2014 [CK]
Office: EP Date: 04-Sep-14
EP thanks GB for pointing to an error in annex 57; in fact, it is group H02P 29/34 and not H02P 29/40 that is supposed to be deleted; the scheme proposal in annex 57 should be correct; [CK]
Office: GB Date: 28-Aug-14
UK thanks R for the changes in A57. (Please note - typo - H02P 29/40 should also be deleted.) Please also note: we suggest that similar 'maintenance' is needed at H02P 4/00. WR
Office: US Date: 11-Aug-14
US supports EP comments presented in the R-report of A.57. US also supports the wording of the limiting reference(A.56)changed to "electic power supplies" or "power supplies". Thanks.
Office: GB Date: 20-Jun-14
UK is willing to act as co-rapporteur on this project if considered helpful. JC
Office: US Date: 08-May-14
US supports EP Consolidated Definitions Proposal of A.54. Thanks.
Office: JP Date: 02-May-14
JP found mistakes on EP RR(Annex52)・H02P6/08「Arrangements for for controlling torque ripple」「for for → for」・H02P25/034 「Voice coil mototrs driven by DC」「mototrs → motors」
Office: GB Date: 01-May-14
UK thanks R for the latest Definition proposal. In general, we support the new Definition. We have suggested a few mostly minor editorial changes. However, we also raise concerns about H02P 29/30 in the Definition and the Scheme. WR
Office: KR Date: 30-Apr-14
KR agrees that Definitions should be created when they are needed to clarify the scheme(Annex 41). However, KR suggests to reconsider thoroughly the removal of some groups from Definitions, which might give the users helpful information(Annex 50)
Office: EP Date: 24-Apr-14
EP soutient les changements proposés par FR (annex 51) des definitions [CK]
Office: IB Date: 25-Nov-13
The RCL approved by WG30 has been incorporated in the WGD. Thank you.
Office: JP Date: 23-Oct-13
With regard to BR’s questions (A44) on RCL (A40), please consult B-6 of JP comment (A36) for the reason why H02P 21/26 and 21/28 should be added as new IPC.
Office: JP Date: 23-Oct-13
With regard to H02P 6/04 (current IPC) in RCL (A40), please include H02P 6/26 as new IPC.
Office: JP Date: 23-Oct-13
With regard to H02P25/034 in EVD (A39), JP found a typo in limiting reference to H02P 7/025. (Wrong) Voice coil “mototrs” driven by DC (Right) Voice coil “motors” driven by DC
Office: GB Date: 22-Oct-13
GB thanks BR. Sorry, A43 should not be here. It is already in C459. We could remove it from here. But, would this cause a numbering problem? Or would the annexes automatically be renumbered? WR
Office: CA Date: 21-Oct-13
CA approuve la version française considérant les commentaires de la France à l’annexe 37 et aimerait soulever une correction mineure dans la note du sous-groupe 23/00, or devrait être traduit par ou dans la version française.
Office: BR Date: 21-Oct-13
BR also support GB comments in annex 41, and would like to warn GB that annex 43 is in the wrong project (it should be C459).
Office: DE Date: 11-Oct-13
DE welcomes the work of GB presented in annex 41 and fully supports it. The proposed definitions (annex 39) are often unclear and/or unnecessary.
Office: EP Date: 09-Oct-13
Malheureusement, il ya eu un chevauchement temporel; la version française du schéma de l'annexe 38 ne tient pas compte des modifications proposées par FR (annex 37); EP soutient les changements proposés par FR
Office: EP Date: 12-Jun-13
In the scheme (Annex 28), new group 27/048 appears after being renumbered from 27/045 (Annex 25; title approved WG/29) to not interfere with an existing CPC group used with a different meaning -RdB-
Office: EP Date: 07-May-13
Scheme (annex 25) and RCL (annex 24) have been updated after comments by BR and IB. Groups H02P 7/295 & 7/298 are not "C" type; groups 21/12, 21/45 & 21/38 modified w.r.t. TA (annex 23);
Office: BR Date: 24-Apr-13
It would be of great worth if all the groups in the RCL, annex 20, are also in the scheme in annex 19, otherwise it will be hard to check if both of them are matching. Thank you.
Office: EP Date: 23-Apr-13
annex 19 replaces annex 17; the numbering in groups under H02P23/00 has been changed as requested by IB; RCL in annex 20 is based on scheme of annex 19
Office: EP Date: 22-Apr-13
EP will provide French version of the scheme after approval of the scheme (English version).
Office: JP Date: 01-Jun-12
JP thanks IB for posting TA. Please note (1) 7/29 appears twice, (2) 29/42 should read "for raising the temperature of the motor" (See A.1) and (3) in 23/36, "," should be replaced by "or" in line with 21/30.