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Redesigned nef V 1.11
Last modified: 2014.12.02

Project NI017 (COMPLETED)

Subject MX Proposals - Nice CE24
Rapporteur MX Status COMPLETED
CL Last Update 13-Mar-14
Create date 01-Nov-13
Type Nice Proposals

ANX PDF Content Origin Date
5 5 Comments US 31-Dec-13
4 4 Comments CH 30-Dec-13
3 3 Comments JP 26-Dec-13
2 2 Comments IB 24-Dec-13
1 1 Proposal MX
Actions Offices Deadline
Reaction to comments 31-Jan-14

Remarks - Messages
Office: TR Date: 31-Jan-14
Make-up pads need explanation for our opinion. because Make-up removing cotton pads or cotton disks for cosmetic purposes are classified in class 03.
Office: TR Date: 31-Jan-14
We are against to transfer of Chaplets from class 16 to class 14. Chaplets are not necklaces or is use while praying and purpose for religion matter.
Office: TR Date: 31-Jan-14
Our office are against for entry to Clamps for medical devices. For the reason, clamps are helping parts for medical devices not the main surgical or medical devices. İt is possible to use same clamps for other purposes.
Office: DE Date: 11-Dec-13
350065 "Business information" should stay in cl. 35 as a general service of business experts without specialization. Otherwise we need business information in all service classes.
Office: DE Date: 11-Dec-13
350062 "Business consultancy (Professional-)" should stay in cl. 35 as a general service of business experts without specialization, otherwise we need business consultancy in all service classes.