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Redesigned nef V 1.11
Last modified: 2014.12.02

Project NI024 (COMPLETED)

Subject US Proposals - Cl. 8 and Cl. 21 - Nice CE24
Rapporteur US Status COMPLETED
CL Last Update 13-Mar-14
Create date 01-Nov-13
Type Nice Proposals

ANX PDF Content Origin Date
3 3 Reaction to comments US 27-Jan-14
2 2 Comments JP 26-Dec-13
1 1 Proposal US
Actions Offices Deadline
Reaction to comments 31-Jan-14

Remarks - Messages
Office: US Date: 27-Jan-14
Thank you for your input. Based on your concerns, the USPTO has posted a scaled back version of its original proposal in response to JPO's comments. The USPTO invites the Swiss office to view the USPTO's replies to JPO's specific comments.
Office: CH Date: 30-Dec-13
The IPI can't support the proposed changes. From our's point of view the changes don't facilitate the classification and on the other hand it enhances the legal uncertainty because of the difficulty of the distinction of the different knives.