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Last modified: 2014.12.02

Projet NI006 (ACHEVÉ)

Sujet Propositions US - Nice CE23
Rapporteur US État ACHEVÉ
CL Dernière mise à jour 07-May-13
Définir la date 02-Nov-12
Type Nice Propositions

ANX PDF Contenu Origine Date
7 7 Réaction aux commentaires US 30-Jan-13
6 6 Observations JP 27-Dec-12
5 5 Observations IB 21-Dec-12
4 4 Proposition US
3 3 Tableau cl. 3 et 5 US
2 2 Proposition cl. 3 et 5 US
1 1 Etude US
Actions Bureaux Délai
Pour observations ALL 31-Dec-12
Réaction aux commentaires US 31-Jan-13

Remarques - Messages
Office: US Date: 31-Jan-13
The USPTO thanks JPO for their support of the USPTO's proposals relating to the amendment of the Class Heading for International Class 11 and the transfer of “Socks, electrically heated” to International Class 11. The USPTO looks forward to discussing its
Office: DE Date: 27-Dec-12
Change of class for "Tanks of masonry" (cl. 19>cl. 20): They seem more appropriate in cl. 19 along with "letter boxes of masonry".
Office: DE Date: 27-Dec-12
cl. 42 "Licensing of server hardware [computer hardware]": "Licensing" services seem more appropriate in cl. 45 along with the "legal services".
Office: DE Date: 27-Dec-12
cl. 40: "cider-making" and "wine-making": Services of "production" are accepted by us in cl. 40 only if they are "custom-manufacture". It is sufficient to have "cider" and "wine" in cl. 33.
Office: DE Date: 27-Dec-12
cl. 20: "Hardware,* not of metal, small" is regarded as too vague by the German Patent and Trade Mark Office.