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Table of contents

1      Introduction

1.1       Objectives

1.2       Structure of WIPOSTAD

2      System requirements

2.1       Browser compatibility

2.2       Software Pre requisites

3      Accessing WIPOSTAD

3.1       URL (Internet address)

3.2       Login/logout, user roles

3.2.1        Log in

3.2.2        Log out

3.3       User roles

4      Search

4.1       Simple Search

4.2       Advanced Search

4.2.1        Common Parameters

4.2.2        Parameters for WIPO Standards

4.2.3        Parameters for Surveys

5      WIPO Standards

5.1       Navigation Menu

5.1.1        Shortcuts

5.2       Formats and Links

5.2.1        Links to Specific Format of Standard or Documents

5.2.2        Links to Appendices of Standards

5.2.3        Link to History of Standard

6      Surveys

6.1       Survey on IPO Practice

6.1.1        Navigation Menu

6.1.2        Documents associated with the survey

6.1.3        Responding to the surveys

7      Glossary

1         Introduction

This document is a top-down approach to describe WIPOSTAD application. Functionality description is organized in the same order as it appears in the menu.

1.1        Objectives

WIPOSTAD is a component of WIPO global reference, it is an integrated system containing WIPO Standards and the compilation of IPO practices as well as the Glossary of Terms concerning Industrial Property Information and Documentation.

1.2        Structure of WIPOSTAD

WIPOSTAD content is structured in three parts: WIPO Standards, Surveys on IPO practices and Glossary of terms concerning IP information and documentation.

2         System requirements

2.1        Browser compatibility

WIPOSTAD has been designed to be used with following web browsers:

  • Microsoft Internet Explorer 7 and later versions
  • Mozilla Firefox 3 and later versions
    WARNING: “Zoom text only” must be disabled to prevent some display problem (e.g when zooming the Advanced Search page).
    Verify that “View” > “Zoom” > “Zoom text only” from main menu is not checked

2.2        Software Pre requisites

Following software are required to open PDF, MS-Word and MS-Excel document attachments:

  • Adobe Acrobat Reader
  • Microsoft Word
  • Microsoft Excel

3         Accessing WIPOSTAD

3.1        URL (Internet address)


3.2        Login/logout, user roles

3.2.1        Log in

Press the “Log in” link in WIPOSTAD interface and use your CAS (Central Authentication Service) username and password to login:


3.2.2        Log out

Press the “Log out myname” link in WIPOSTAD interface.

3.3        User roles

As a user of WIPOSTAD you may have access to different level of information depending on whether you are logged in or not and, if your are logged in, the role(s) associated to your user account by the WIPOSTAD administrator.

The roles provided by WIPOSTAD are:

  • Public: the only role assigned to non logged user
  • Survey respondent: this role allows for accessing the dashboard of the IPO the user belongs to.
  • Editor: this role allows for accessing the tools used to edit WIPO Standards the user owns.
  • Translator: this role allows for accessing the tools used to translate WIPO Standards
  • Task Force member: this role allows for reading unpublished documents
  • Publication Administrator: this role allows for changing the state (e.g. publish, archive or inactive) or contents of any document the user owns.

4         Search

4.1        Simple Search

On the left-hand side of the screen, the simple search box is available. The search is case insensitive.  For example, a search for "ocr" or "OCR" will give the same results. You can use phrases, Boolean operators and group them with parentheses as in the following examples.

Query example

Documents returned

ocr equipment

Documents that contain the word "ocr" and documents that contain the word "equipment"

"ocr equipment"

Documents that contain the phrase "ocr equipment"

ocr OR equipment

Documents that contain the word "ocr" and documents that contain the word "equipment"

ocr AND equipment

Documents that contain the words both "ocr" and "equipment"

ocr AND NOT equipment

Documents that contain the word "ocr" but not the word "equipment"

ocr AND (Optical OR equipment)

Documents that contain the word "ocr" and either the word "equipment" or the word "optical"

You can use wildcards "*" and "?", but your search query cannot start with one of these wildcard.

Query example


ocr equip* or ocr equip?ment


*equipment or ?quipment


4.2        Advanced Search

Advanced search page provides extended functionality, which allows getting focused search results combining various search parameters. These parameters are grouped in three sections: Common parameters, Parameters for WIPO Standards, and Parameters for Surveys.

4.2.1        Common Parameters     Language

Check the language(s) of the documents to be searched. If no language is checked, documents in all languages are returned.     Search In

Choose in which set of data you want to search.

4.2.2        Parameters for WIPO Standards

These parameters are relevant for search in Standards only (i.e., “Standards” box should be ticked in Common parameters)     IP Type

All WIPO Standards are classified by the type of IPR they relate to: Standards related to patents, trademarks, industrial designs, and Standards of general nature.

You can limit your search to one or several groups of standards checking the corresponding boxes. By default, search results cover all Standards.

Note: Appendices of Standards are not classified.  Thus, leave this field unchecked if you are looking for an appendix or supplementary material.     History

Note: this option is not made available to Publication Administrator user role only.

Check “Search previous versions also to include previously published Standards.

Leave this unchecked if you want to search the latest versions only.     Adoption Date

Use this parameter if you know the adoption date of the document, or the period when the document was adopted (last modified)

To search all documents adopted after a certain date leave the “to” field blank.

Leave the “from” field blank for all documents adopted before a certain date.

By default the adoption date is not indicated and, consequently, not reflected in the search results.     Version Status

Note: this option is not made available to Publication Administrator user role only.

By default only published Standards are searched, but you can extend the scope to Drafts, Preparations for proposal, etc., checking corresponding boxes under “Version status”.     Document Status

Use this option if you need to search in “old”, e.g., archived, documents. By default only active documents are retrieved.

4.2.3        Parameters for Surveys     IPOs

Use this parameter if you are looking for examples and practices of a specific IPO(s). You can select several IPOs using “ctrl” key.     Survey Type

Filter the search by survey type.     Years

This parameter is used when you know the year, or a period, when the survey you are looking for was conducted.

5         WIPO Standards

5.1        Navigation Menu

5.1.1        Shortcuts

The menu SHORTCUTS appears in the left-hand side to provide quick access to the following pages which are frequently used.     Current Standards

This page shows latest published version of each WIPO Standard. From this page, you can view standards in available formats and access to appendices, supplementary materials and history of standard.     Archives

This page shows the list of Standards, Examples and Surveys that are archived.     Inactive

This page is available only to logged users with relevant permission.

This page shows the list of Standards, Examples and Surveys that are inactive.     All versions of standards

This page shows all versions of WIPO Standards you are allowed to see. In addition to “Current Standards” page option, you can also compare two versions of the same Standard

If several versions of a standard are available, only two versions should be selected by ticking the check box of version and then compared by clicking the button compare selected versions.  In the returned page, the added words are highlighted in green and the removed ones are crossed out and highlighted in purple.     WIPO Standards referenced in other WIPO Standards

Cross reference table of standards. You can click on each standards number to view it.

referenced standards

5.2        Formats and Links

You will find following links in various pages of WIPOSTAD application.

5.2.1        Links to Specific Format of Standard or Documents

  • view: link to the Standard in WIPOSTAD format which is editable by WIPOSTAD editor.
  • pdf: link to the Standard in PDF format which is automatically generated from WIPOSTAD format.
  • html: link to the Standard in Html format which is text format but not editable by WIPOSTAD editor, e.g., WIPO Standard ST.32.
  • doc,docx,odt,txt,xls,xlsx,ods,png,jpg,jpeg,xml,dtd: link to documents or images in corresponding format, which are Appendix or Supplementary Documents to Standards.

5.2.2        Links to Appendices of Standards

  • Appendices: list of Appendices to the selected Standard.
  • Supplementary material: List of Supplementary Materials of the selected Standard.

5.2.3        Link to History of Standard

  • history: link to the history of the selected Standard. Please see help for “All versions of standards”.

6         Surveys

6.1        Survey on IPO Practice

6.1.1        Navigation Menu     Shortcuts

The menu SHORTCUTS appears in the left-hand side to provide quick access to the following pages.     IPO Dashboard

This page shows list of published surveys, allowing IPOs to answer a questionnaire, and consult previous answers.

You will find links to various Surveys.

6.1.2        Documents associated with the survey

The list potentially includes the following types:

  • Questionnaire: link to the static view of a survey questionnaire.
  • Collated Results: link to the collated results of a survey.
  • IPOs’ Responses: link to IPOs’ responses of a survey.
  • Survey report: link to the final report of a survey
  • Answer Questionnaire: Available in IPO’s dashboard. Allow user to access to interactive questionnaire, and answer it.

6.1.3        Responding to the surveys

The respondent should have previously created (at https://www3.wipo.int/usercenter/en/register.jsp) WIPO User Center account.

1.             Log in to WIPOSTAD/Surveys

  • enter WIPO User Center username and password to the corresponding fields on the login page

2.             Open “IPO Dashboard” page

  • click on the hyperlink “View … Dashboard” in the bottom of the left menu, under “Actions”

3.             Find the credentials: username and password, to access the Questionnaire. They are located in the very bottom of the Dashboard page, under “Respondent accounts” separated by a colon.

4.             Access the online Questionnaire

  • Click on “Answer the Questionnaire” under the title “ST22 implementation and promotion”
  • Choose the language of the Questionnaire: English, French or Spanish

5.             Click on “Answer the interview” button after the introduction and enter Username and password displayed at the IPO Dashboard page (see above)

6.             Answer the online Questionnaire

Note 1        The answers are saved automatically when you pass to the next, or to the previous, page.

Note 2        You can print the Questionnaire by pressing the corresponding button at the bottom of the page. Only saved answers appear in the printout, i.e., in order to print all the entered answers please press “Save” button before printing.

Note 3        An answer session may be interrupted by the user at any moment before the Questionnaire is completed and submitted (see below). Only saved answers are stored to be resumed after the interruption. In order to resume the session, please follow the above steps from 1 to 6.

7.             In order to submit the response to the Questionnaire, please press “End of Questionnaire” button on the last page.

Note 4        Please check your response carefully before submitting it, after it is submitted you will not be able to amend it.

Note 5        After the Questionnaire is submitted you will see the closing page. You can press “Print my answer” button in the bottom of this page to keep the copy of submitted response for your records.

8.         If you have any questions or encounter any difficulties when answering the Questionnaire or after submitting it, please do not hesitate to contact us at cws.surveys@wipo.int.

7         Glossary

The glossary is the alphabetical list of basic terms used in industrial property information and documentation.

Click Glossary from WIPOSTAD main menu to access the Glossary home page where you will find an Introductory Note followed by links to the Glossary of Terms and its Appendices.

The Glossary of terms page contains the complete list of Terms and their Definitions which may be accessed with the help of an alphabetical index.

Appendices can be accessed by the links below the alphabetical index or by links placed within definitions.